Peen Scene


The Peen Scene is here. It’s exactly what you always wanted. A green screen for your weenie. No longer will dick pics be an unwanted Nuisance. With the Peen Scene, you can take your weenie on adventures to faraway lands. Use it as bait in the dark depths of the deep sea or pose stiff as a cactus in the desert. Who doesn’t want to see a Weenie flying through space? It brings a whole new meaning to the word gag gift. With the Peen Scene, They will be begging to see where your dick can go.

The Peen scene is a Green Screen for your dick! Just unfold the box:

  1. Cut the Hole so that your penis fits through the hole. Large enough so that your penis fits through without any discomfort.
  2. Go to the APP store on your phone and download any green screen app.
  3. Get creative and take your Peen where no peen has ever been seen!

We do not condone sending unsolicited dick pictures. Keep consent in mind when sending anyone pictures of your dicks adventures!