Philadelphia’s All-Over Pocket T-Shirt

All-over Pocket T-shirt

Top Banana Screen Printing is now offering custom all-over pocket t-shirt printing right here in Philadelphia.  A few weeks ago, the Top Banana Screen Printing team was doing some market research at the King of Prussia Mall and we could not help but notice the amount of all-over pocket t-shirt printed pockets and how cool these looked.

Initially, we thought there is no way people could get the all-over pocket t-shirt produced on a smaller scale at an affordable price, let alone be able to sell these at a profit.  A few days after our visit to the mall, we were doing some test printing and noticed we had a spare pocket t-shirt lying around.  Always up to the challenge, we decided we might be able to print an all-over pocket t-shirt.  The first time was not the charm and we needed more pocket t-shirts to test.  The following day, we brought more in and soon enough perfected this process.

The decorated apparel manufacturers who are producing this style of all-over pocket t-shirts are doing so on a large industrial scale, typically utilizing dye sublimation on sheets of polyester and then constructing these onto the shirt in the form of a pocket thereby creating a neat little pocket print.  This is a very laborious process and can only be produced cost effectively at larger scale quantities, upwards of a few thousand.   Until now, that is.  Top Banana Screen Printing is capable of accomplishing precision printing on already constructed pocket t-shirts, without any sewing necessary.  Thus, this service removes most of the roadblocks typically involved with achieving this type of all-over pocket t-shit print.

With confidence, we feel we can offer this service with a guaranteed high level of quality, which is exactly what we are all about here.  Since we only use water-based pigment textile dyes, the end print feels like it is part of the shirt giving it a nice, clean fashion finish.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have about our services.