Tayco Screen Printing and Embroidery

Tayco logo Training at Tayco Screen Printing and Embroidery  was the most important path Top Banana Screen Printing needed to follow in order to make a splash here in the Philadelphia garment and screen printing industry.  In order to make things happen, I quit my day and night jobs and bought a one way plane to ticket to Colorado Springs, Colorado to train with some of the best international screen printing, embroidery and garment decorating specialists in the world.  In about 7 months I was well on the way to becoming an integrated, national garment printing specialist capable of servicing the needs of clothing lines, small businesses and corporate accounts.

While in Colorado Springs, I rounded out the edges of my screen printing and garment decorating skills.  From burning screens to reclaiming screens, honing my graphic design skills, learning embroidery and all the fun in between, I mastered the entire screen and garment printing process.  Under the tutelage of my Uncle Marty I learned all of the ins-and-outs of the custom garment apparel industry.

Prior to this adventure I had attended college at the University of Denver.  When I was not studying, skiing or going to concerts at Red Rocks Ampitheater, I would travel down to Colorado Springs, or as they call it “The Springs”, and helped out around the Tayco Screen Printing and Embroidery shop.  This was my first real exposure to garment printing and decoration at all different levels and I was enamored with the entire process.  I got to learn how to setup large embroidery jobs, the many facets involved with screen printing and this was also the moment when I was first introduced to the wave of the future: direct to garment printing, or DTG.

At the same time I got to explore Colorado a lot more.  When I was not printing garments, I got reacquainted with my love of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  My trusty sidekick was Finn, Uncle Marty’s springer spaniel.  We hiked all around the mountains.  After a long day of garment printing, 30 minutes later I was in the mountains hiking around the beautiful Rocky Mountains, it was a tough life I had at times.  At night I would frequent the Broadmoor Hotel for a nice relaxing drink and quality food.  The view of the mountains from their patio was breathtaking and relaxing.  Unfortunately, there were not a lot of great places to eat in this town so I was constantly longing to return to Philadelphia and indulge in some of the best restaurants in the world.  I would make trips up to Denver a lot of times just to have a quality meal.

After an exciting 7 months of training and honing my screen printing and garment decorating skills, I was ready in more ways than one to get on back to Philadelphia and launch Top Banana Screen Printing.  The rest, well the rest is currently history in the making.  I was fortunate enough to be able to have the opportunity to dive into the deep end, put my entire life on hold and dedicate myself to an entirely new career path, which I know is my true calling.  Nothing happens overnight, but I am continually inspired and have not waivered in my commitment to building a specialized screen and garment printing business here in the greatest of all cities: Philadelphia, PA.

I am Top Banana!